What is Neurodanza®


Neurodanza® is a system of personal development through movement and music. It is based on Neuroscience and uses methods like Mindfulness, Coaching and Gestalt Therapy.

Its goal is to set us free from conventional patterns of thought that are wired in our body and mind.

It reveals patterns, behaviors and thought patterns - mind frames - that have passed down through historical, cultural, religious, educational and family structures which in fact serve society rather than our soul. Most of the times these patterns are against our conscious.

These manifested limitations in the way we move and relate with each other do not allow us to lead a healthy and joyful life. They prevent us from enjoying life and from achieving personal development through our inherent qualities, abilities and capabilities.

The regeneration of brain functions and neural connections is directly related to motion. Moving freely is a prerequisite for all the mechanisms of brain processes to work properly.

Neurodanza’s program can help every individual realize these fixed structures/patterns that limit him/her.

Neurodanza® is a method that can help people get rid of conventional patterns of thought that are wired in body and mind and prevent us from living with fulfillness, acceptance, happiness and health. Neurodanza is a bridge that can bring us closer to our higher self.