Potentials of Neurodanza®


Neurodanza® awakens our 6 inherent Potentials/Dynamics:

1. Vitality

2. Creativity

3. Affection

4. Dynamic of Male and Female (Yin & Yang)

5. Dynamic of Transcendence 

6. Dynamic of Consciousness 

We are born with all the potentials mentioned above and we express them freely during our childhood. As we grow older they get blocked. They star to fade and disappear gradually due to the norms and restrictions society forces upon us. Defensive mechanisms appear and take their place causing psychological difficulties in sharing, communicating, cooperating and coexisting.


Vital potential
• Unblocks and eliminates all accumulated tensions
• Develops basic physical qualities and motor skills
• Provides more energy and sensitivity to tackle life’s adversities.
Creative potential
Emotional potential
Male-Female Potential
Dynamic of Transcendence
Dynamic of Consciousness